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Access Control

With access control, you can conveniently manage who enters and leaves your property. This improves security by making you more aware of what is currently happening at key points of entry. We provide fully integrated control for door locks and garage doors.

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Remote Arm/Disarm

Take control of your home security system from anywhere. We make it easy for you to arm or disarm your system within seconds using your smartphone. Plus, customized alerts will let you know when people enter or leave your home while you are away.

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Video Surveillance

Always keep an eye out for potential trouble with a professional video surveillance system. Keep track of what’s going on while you’re away using multiple camera views. Watch live or recorded video footage and get alerts when there is suspicious activity.

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Burglary Monitoring

Enjoy total peace of mind while you’re away. With burglary monitoring, we place sensors in all of your windows and doors so that you’ll be alerted about any intruders. Our team of experts will provide unwavering security to protect your property at all times.

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Fire & Smoke Monitoring

Get notified at the first sign of a fire. Our advanced smoke and heat sensors will let you know when there is a problem. When a fire is detected, we will get in contact with the fire department and paramedics right away, even in the case of a power outage.

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Garage Door Control

Wondering if you left the garage door open? Never again. Ensure that all the entries of your home are secure with garage door control. Open and close the garage door anytime, anywhere and find how when the door has been left open too long.

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Easily control both indoor and outdoor lighting remotely using your smartphone. Put your lights on a schedule to deter potential intruders. If a trespasser is ever detected, the system can be set to automatically turn on all the lights in your home.

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Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Know with certainty that your air is free of carbon monoxide at all times. Our advanced sensors can accurately detect this odorless and colorless gas to make sure that your family stays safe. If hazardous levels are detected, we will automatically send help.

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Control exactly who gets in your home and when. Completely secure all the entries of you home with the single push of a button. When you can remotely control your locks, it’s easy to keep intruders out while letting your family and friends in.

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Video Doorbell

Our new, cutting-edge video doorbell technology allows you to speak with anyone who comes to your front door, even when you’re not home. Deter intruders and make it look like you’re home to defend your property even when you’re really away.

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Temperature Control

Change the temperature inside your home without ever getting off the sofa. Adjust the climate inside your home from anywhere, or set a regular schedule that perfectly suits your lifestyle. It’s all easy to do using the intuitive interface on your smartphone.

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Custom Settings

Our goal is to make life easier and more secure for you. That’s why we will assist you by creating custom home settings that will do all the work for you. Just set it and forget it while knowing that SafeGuard is taking great care of your home.

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Voice Control

Control everything inside your home just using your voice. From lights to locks, we simplify the process by allowing you to use voice commands to safely and securely control your home from anywhere. Get things done quickly and efficiently with voice control.

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